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Life As A Series Of Second Acts

I don’t ordinarily go into much in the way of personal detail here; frankly, it’s no one else’s business and mostly too crushingly mundane and boring to anyone not required to slog through it.  Then there are days like today …

Pushing hard on 4am this morning, it having been several years since the last time I tried, I typed in my son’s name on my Facebook page search engine … and this time he had a Facebook page of his own to discover.  When I finally rolled out of bed shortly after the crack of noon (hey!  I work the evening shift; gimme a break) and fired up the computer, there amongst the usual spam was a Facebook “Friend” confirmation from him.

I keep reading how Mark Zuckerberg can be an asshole and such, but he has my thanks all the same.

I confess I don’t quite know what to do with the car now that I finally caught the bumper, so to speak.  Duncan has his own life and family in which I have no place; I think it would be rude and boorish of me to assume anything about how he and I might accommodate each other in our lives now, I only know I so very much want to do so.

As a beginning, I am writing this post as a means for he and I to re-discover each other that isn’t constrained in the same fashion as Facebook is (which I don’t use other than as an easy means to keep up with my daughter and her family’s doings anyway).   He isn’t the little boy I remember (he has a daughter of his own now) and I’m not the (same type of) fool who wandered away from him either.  Finding out who we each are and where and how we can fit together again is all unknown yet, but this is what classical strategy is really for – advancing position into the unknown in mutually reinforcing and beneficial ways.

Mostly I don’t spontaneously break out in tears though.

You deservedly call another man “Dad” son, but I hope one day to have the opportunity to introduce you to the rest of your family and see where we all go from there.


Happy Birthday To Him

Just back from the Grandson’s first birthday party. He’s not too sure about the big guy with the mustache yet, but the goodies are ok. 🙂

Boy’s already got damn near as many guns as I do (in my gun locker, where they’ll stay ’till Mom and Dad say he’s old/responsible enough). I may have to get a bigger place to hold it all at the rate I’ve been going though. I keep having to shove his ammo around to get to mine.

Bullish on the Future’s Market

The below quotation is an excerpt from the latest e-mail from my daughter:

“… and as of last week….i have taken 8 test and they all say yes…..so i will find out on thursday if they are accurate…..and that you will be a grandfather….”

I don’t think I will end up too far from the trunk when I take this pre-confirmation opportunity to publicly declare an upgrade of my personal Grandfather-tude status from “pending” to “incipient”.

The Amazon account is in for a shift of emphasis in the near future it would seem. I’ll have to see if I can arrange for Saturday delivery.

There is no "u" in Lara

Which would have been a screamingly funny line to deliver in the circumstances just passim. Or screaming, at least. I confess I was too chicken (or experienced with the results from previous displays of “humor”) to actually express the observation. Perhaps one day the lady herself (for such she has grown to become) will read these pages and appreciate the possibilities my hesitance saved us all from.

Just returned from a two-day trip to the Dallas area. I am proud to announce that the no-longer-Miss Brown is, as I write these words, winging her way in the company of her new husband towards Barcelona, Espania and a week-long seaborne tour of the most touristy venues the western Med currently has on offer. I further have it on reliable authority that I am going to require larger digs in a year or three if I expect to hold up my end of the grand-fatherly responsibilities within the familias. Not sure what the kitties will think of all of that or, come the day, the kinder. Apparently we all are going to find out sometime in the late Spring of 2010 if himself expects to maintain his manly public reputation. I wish to place in the public record that I aver this to be an expression of feminine prescience – guns are for shooting, not jumping, he said.

One final observation; do you know how, when you first see some object of great art, that sensation you experience of “Yes, that’s right. This is as it should be.” can occur in the viewer? Even though there are numerous other examples also present that do the same thing, for that moment you have trouble accepting that the portrayed circumstance could possibly exist any other way. Seeing my daughter and son-in-law together instills that set of emotions very strongly in me. Indeed, that may have been the most common theme of the day, that at least in this swirl of life, things are finally as they were always meant to be. I like to think that I encouraged her to think for herself as she grew into adulthood; if the non-traditional nature of the proceedings now completed are any example, I succeeded beyond my wildest imaginings.

I feel much greater confidence as I face back towards the future. She has done well, and will do more as the dawns accumulate.

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