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Strategy Policy

Via Glen Reynolds we learn of the important question; “FOREIGN CHEESE: Threat, Or Menace?”

From my years of reading Sun Tzu (not to forget 4 years of high school PE followed by another 4 years of “close quarters habitation defensive training” in the US Navy), I would say it would be more a matter of who cut the cheese rather than the source there-of and, most importantly, precisely how upwind I can remain from the event immediately thereafter.

Who said classical strategy doesn’t have pertinence to the modern world?


Yesterday Was Proof Positive

Barack Obama and the Democratic Party really are the Masters of the Universe; even the End Of Time Apocalypse was a failed policy.

Alternatively, it was just one more iteration of one of the earliest known examples of the apparently-not-all-that-progressive practice of recycling.

To Be A Fly On That Bulkhead

Via Glen Reynolds comes notice of this story about new USN air craft carriers being designed with “heads” (toilet/shower/washroom/pick you euphemism) that have no urinals. 

I can just see the faces of all (the males at least) involved in the first Captains Mast proceeding for “leaving the toilet seat up”.

I wonder if they’re still planning on leaving the stall doors off as was the standard?

A Feverish Grasp On That Metaphorical Silver Lining

Get that stock market value as high as your fantasy allows. I plan to borrow against my 401(K) at the end of the month and every little bit helps.

h/t Instapundit

Health Care Update

Via Instapundit comes notice of just how drastic the lack of health care coverage is in the US. Only 25% of the total patient pool receive the treatment they so clearly need. There does seem to be an effort underway to correct that defecit though, which should go some way toward relieving the stress inflicted upon the remainder of the national population.

Can’t happen soon enough in my experience.

Exchange Rate Established

So, 1 Israeli is worth 1000 Palestinians.

I’d say the IDF has it’s work cut out for it the next time the neighbors get all unruly. That’s a lot of ammo to hump.

Goodness Gracious

If things get any more gracious around here I’ll have to take out a patent of nobility to handle it all.

Wait A Minute!

There was a contretemps on the gunblogs this weekend over the recent Lucky Gunner.com sponsored “Ammo Girls” ammo handlers at the Memorial Day Weekend shooting event. As part of that back-and-forth, the most exciting bit of gunblogger-related news ever released on the web was revealed:

(And accusing somebody who’s posed for nekkid photos of “prudery” is good for a horse laugh.)

If ever there was a time for universal insistence upon the forum diktat of “didn’t happen without pictures”, this is that time!

What’s wrong with you people? Who cares whether or not some hypothetical female is or is not repelled by another’s bared arms; join me in proclaiming the hot issue of the 21st Century and demand digital revelation of TamaraK in all her bared-arms glory!

Later: Edited to fix a bad link.

The Other Option

Uncle says he plans to slow-cook a pork roast for the scheduled Rapture tomorrow. Personally, I’m relieved that FedEx managed to deliver my latest order from Cheaper Than Dirt in time. That 500 round brick of Super Colibri LRN may be just the ticket should the post-Rapture disappointment be too widespread and energetic.

Other’s disappointment, you understand. As long as the ammo will cycle the Buckmark, I’m good.

Happy Birthday To Him

Just back from the Grandson’s first birthday party. He’s not too sure about the big guy with the mustache yet, but the goodies are ok. 🙂

Boy’s already got damn near as many guns as I do (in my gun locker, where they’ll stay ’till Mom and Dad say he’s old/responsible enough). I may have to get a bigger place to hold it all at the rate I’ve been going though. I keep having to shove his ammo around to get to mine.

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