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The Suck Really Blows

After a quick rummage through the closet, I got out my couth and decorum guidebook and looked up the proper response to this.

Herself needs to put up another donation link that says “Tam’s Snot Locker Fund”, because using her current ammo fund link is just a tad bit morbid under the circumstances, don’cha agree?  Doubt I’m the first in line and certain I won’t be the last, but you take my sincerity Tam and stack it up with all the rest – the good doctor will help you spread it around where it will do you the most good I’m sure.

And after the biopsy, remember the first rule of blogging – it didn’t happen without pictures.


Edited to add: I can’t make up my mind whether Triple Barrel Booger Blower is completely over the top or just a bit “too soon”.  I’m not an ARFCOMmie (Hi Kevin! :)), but it’s in the same spirit and all …


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